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Grass House - Faun/The Breeze 7" Single SOLD OUT!

Image of Grass House - Faun/The Breeze 7" Single SOLD OUT!


NB: There will still be a handful available at live shows.

3rd single from Grass House released on Holiday Club Recordings, this time it's out on 7" vinyl. It's a double A side featuring songs Faun and The Breeze.

Out October 17th

"these guys are accomplished musicians in their own right. Great lyrics, musicianship and performers." Chris Pattinson, The Black Cab Sessions

"..while also recalling Johnny Cash's 'Ghostriders in the Storm' is no mean feat, but London quartet Grass House manage to pull it off." -NME

"It's essentially a pic 'n' mix influence of almost every great folk musician ever then, yet delivered in a uniquely fresh and intriguing fashion. **** " - Artrocker

"skillfull, literate, archly acerbic and genuinely entertaining" - Tasty

Sold Out